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EXACT Release: V24 March 2024

March has seen a change in the EXACT versioning, with Version 2024 or V24 introduced.

We're excited to tell you more about why we've changed to an annual version identifier but first, we'd like to share with you a short video from our Head of Product, Sean Forster.

The new versioning structure, emphasises the evolution of EXACT development, which is now developing and shipping new features and innovations daily. No longer is a new version based around a new feature or value added product launch event.

In recent years, we have developed EXACT to remove pain points from your practice, improve functionality and provide you with the Practice Management System (PMS) you deserve. We are now able to introduce change faster than ever and with scheduled updates we can install the latest features in your EXACT while your practice is closed.

The main difference you will see with this change, is a new EXACT login screen. Showcasing the wealth of support we offer, with a fluid and dynamic look emphasising EXACT.

EXACT login screen

When you receive your update to EXACT V24, you may notice a change to your login screen. This new window will help you to identify when your current version of EXACT was released, for example, the image above shows March 2024.

Since we launched Version 13 of EXACT, we introduced you to Patient Portal and Care Manager. Following it's release we've continued to push boundaries, developing EXACT to improve your experience. In this time we've developed;

🖥️ Auto-updates, giving you updates at times to suit you, removing the pain of manual upgrades.
💬 Live Chat support, expanding our support package, adding support inside EXACT, bringing a modern support offering to EXACT users.
🤖 NHS automation for the UK, has made contract rollover and fee updates painless, removing the annual chore in April, giving you time to focus on your practice.
👥 Patient Lists replaced Contact Lists, providing an improved search system to make patient list creation easier.

These are some of the bigger, more impactful changes, there has also been the introduction of same-day Receipt editing for transactions, Close All Pop-up Notes, Show All Notes and Was Not Brought for the UK.

This evolution of the EXACT release method has proven to help our customers worldwide. Which is why we are focussing on continuing this, with our goal to consistently deliver new features and enhancements to our customers.

We're excited to share this change with you and hope you'll like the new look.

Follow our blog for monthly updates to EXACT V24 and more.

For regular release notes, read our EXACT Release Notes within the EXACT help centre.