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8 Features That You Might Not Be Using In EXACT

In fact, the UK’s leading dental practice management software has the potential to completely change the way you run your business and many dental practice managers using EXACT have seen their business go from strength to strength.

Currently, we have over 6,000 practices using EXACT software, perhaps you are one of them? If you are an SOE customer, then the question is – Are you getting the most out of EXACT?  And do you know the full potential of our dental software?

Below is a list of the Top 8 features incorporated into EXACT that can help your business but are not yet used by all our customers. How many of them did you know about and regularly use?


1 – Care Manager


Care manager helps you track outstanding courses of dental treatments that have been planned but not yet booked in. This ensures your patients don’t get lost and helps to increase customer care, by making it easy for you to track, follow-up and book dental patients in.


2 – Appointment Follow Ups


A system that automatically sends patients communications via email, text and letter after their appointment. This takes away the stress from your front desk team and frees them up to spend more time with patients.


3 – UDA Manager


This is for NHS practices using EXACT and is a graphical representation to show whether you are on track to meet your UDA target; based on work completed so far and resource availability before April. It’s crucial to track progress all year round so you don’t become one of the 24% of UK practices who miss their target.


4 – Recall Manager


Used to track patient recall success and automatically send communications to patients reminding them to book their next appointment. Consistently sending communications via SMS, email and letter means some practices achieve over 90% recall effectiveness.


5 – Clinipad – GDPR Compliance


Utilise your electronic forms and signatures solution to gather patient content when they are in practice. This means you can follow-up with promotion message after the appointment and build long-term patient engagement.


6 – Instant Messaging and Tasks


Send urgent messages to other users around your dental practice and set and track tasks for certain users groups to complete. This helps bridge the communication gap between departments and speeds up your internal processes. Perfect for a busy dental practice!


7 – Appointment Workflow


A set of workflow prompts for your Reception team to ensure all tasks are completed before the patient leaves; including booking the next appointment, signing any required documents, gathering patient contact information and paying for their treatment. This makes it easier to ensure key actions aren’t missed, especially at busy times.


8 – Short Notice List


Holds a list of patients who would like to be seen sooner but cannot due to availability. If a gap opens, they can be contacted to move their appointment. This can be enhanced using SMS to automatically send and move the appointment for you.


How many of these key features is your dental team currently utilising? EXACT dental software used to its full potential has the power to completely transform the way you run your practice.

Speak to one of our experts to find out more about how your business is performing, and ensure you are using all the EXACT features that really make a difference for your business.