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3 min read

The power of PX: Why Patient Experience Matters

It’s true that patients can be tricky at times but without them, where would your...
2 min read

White Paper: The power of patient experience

Start aligning patient preferences with how you prepare the future of your practice...
2 min read

OpenPay: Hassle and risk free payment plans

As the evidence supporting the link between oral health and overall health continues...
1 min read

It's time for your Business Health Check

Be it the rollout of brand new safety procedures or the introduction of remote...
2 min read

Envisage Dental TV: Transform your waiting room

As you start to welcome patients back into your waiting room, reducing the risk of...
2 min read

MPC Pay: Associate payments made simple

Payments to associate dental practitioners can be time-consuming, tedious and are...
5 min read

SNOMED CT requirements simplified 

After the requirement of SNOMED CT on 01/09/2021, at SOE, we want to ensure that all...
2 min read

Introducing the Academy of Excellence

Did you know that you can now complete your Software of Excellence training at a time...
3 min read

Patient Portal and Clinipad: For all of your form filling needs

With 846,000 COVID Health Screening forms completed in July 2021 alone, it’s clear to...
1 min read

Clinical Notes 101

High-quality clinical notes lay the foundations of all great patient care, that’s why...
2 min read

Dentist Portal: “How am I doing?”

What are KPI’s and what do they mean for your practice?..
2 min read

Backups for your business

Loss of data can be detrimental for your business, at Software of Excellence we want...