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A Look Back: 2023 Practice Growth Workshops

Discover the highlights of our recent Practice Growth Workshops for 2023, where practitioners gathered for a day of interaction, networking, and business empowerment. From elevating online presence to unlocking strategies for business growth and more, our workshops were a considerable success – leaving attendees inspired and armed with practical insights.  

 Mastering the Digital Realm and Putting Plans into Action 

The Workshops spanned cross Manchester, London and Bristol and included sessions on a wealth of topics to help practices discuss and navigate current pressures. 

The Online Presence session was a favourite of our attendees – offering deep dives into digital strategies, effective marketing, and enhancing the overall online footprint of dental practices. Attendees learned how to leverage the digital landscape to attract and retain patients, establishing a strong and dynamic online presence. 

Business Performance and Growth was another popular session, attendees enjoyed a workshop dedicated to refining business strategies, implementing growth-centric systems, and elevating practice efficiency. Attendees immersed themselves in a day dedicated to refining business strategies, implementing growth-centric systems, and elevating practice efficiency. IMG_0463

Building Connections Beyond the Practice 

The workshops provided a unique opportunity for practitioners to step out of their daily routines and connect with peers. Interactive sessions facilitated the exchange of ideas, problem-solving discussions, and the sharing of success stories. The networking aspect was as enriching as the educational content, fostering a sense of community among dental professionals. 

Expert Insights 

Esteemed guest speakers brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the sessions. Among them were representatives from Working Feedback and MediEstates, two industry experts who offered valuable insights into navigating the challenges currently faced in the dental industry.  

Testimonials That Speak Volumes 

IMG_0409 Don't just take our word for it, here's a glimpse into the voices that truly reflect the success of our workshops.  


 "A great opportunity to have a day out of practice, meet lots of other practitioners and listen, learn and connect with people – sharing problems and solutions." - The Red House Dental Practice

 "Worth the time we took out of practice. A whole day spent focusing on your business and putting systems into play." - The Grove Practice 

"The day was really well structured and organised. The speakers were all very knowledgeable and very confident in delivering their speeches." - Parrys Lane Dental Practice 

At Software of Excellence, we are proud to be by your side on your practice growth journey. Stay tuned for more insights, events, and opportunities to take your dental practice to new heights.