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A Welcome Donation at That Time of Year

Charities like The Salvation Army help those people who cannot afford even the essentials to keep them going over the holiday season, by delivering supplies donated by individuals and companies.

Software of Excellence was one of those companies this year and some of our Elf-Helpers dressed up to encourage donations of food, drink, treats and essentials and from the whole team. And what a haul we amassed!

It can be quite difficult to obtain food from a food bank as you have to be referred and then wait for a voucher which has a specific collection date. This process can leave a big gap between applying for and receiving supplies. The Salvation Army fills this gap and helps people who are struggling in the interim.

It takes a great deal of courage to ask for help and even more so to walk into a centre and speak to someone about your needs. This is where the Salvation Army steps in and provides a selection of food and other items to ensure that no one goes hungry. Sometimes it can even supply gifts to bring families in need some unexpected cheer at this time of year.

We are proud to be helping The Salvation Army in this endeavour.

To find out more about the essential work The Salvation Army does, visit