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Brushlink integrates with EXACT to improve oral health

The Brushlink device works with any toothbrush, manual or electric and tracks the user’s brushing technique against a series of metrics, including brushing frequency, duration and angles. Brushlink also provides a brushing score each time the device is used, which is displayed along with ‘in-brush’ coaching tips and hints via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app.

Now, the integration with EXACT makes it possible for patients to share this data, via the app, with their dentist in an effort to improve their oral hygiene. Access to the data enables dental professionals to take a glimpse into the true brushing habits of patients and identify where poor technique is letting them down. Insight of this type makes it easier for hygienists, therapists and dentists to provide clear instruction on how to make improvements.

In trials, Brushlink was shown to effectively reduce the build-up of plaque, reducing plaque scores by 41% when compared to patients that were given only professional advice on how to brush their teeth properly.

This proven efficacy is adding to the popularity of Brushlink among patients and professionals and now, the ability to use Brushlink data as an oral health education tool and track progress via EXACT, is making the many benefits of this powerful device even more apparent.