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Keep track of practice performance with a couple of clicks!

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Scott Arms Dental Practice is one of the UK’s largest mixed dental practices with around 200,000 patients on our database and sixteen surgeries. Collecting and analysing data has always presented a big challenge and I have spent a significant amount of time collecting data from various sources to create the reports I needed to run the business.

However we recently introduced an innovative piece of business reporting software from Software of Excellence, and now, at the touch of a button, I can pull a variety of reports that allows me access to the financial data and performance records of all sixteen surgeries.

In-depth reporting

The data I get is immediate and ‘real-time’, showing me our hourly rate for the previous day and total revenue across the business. There is also a 30-day rolling report which shows me the number of FTAs, cancellations and revenue over a 30-day cycle. I can also see the results in a graph which is great for identifying trends and using this tool I am able to look at where we are heading in the future.

There are also reports that help me to make sound, evidence-based decisions in terms of the treatments we offer. The outstanding treatment report shows the number of patients currently undergoing treatment but haven’t yet got future appointments booked. It shows me the value of these treatments and I use this information to prioritise which patients need to return. I can also see the number of UDAs that are about to expire; a useful statistic that means I can take remedial action to make sure these don’t lapse.

The system also provides information on new patient numbers, so I can see which of my associates is registering the majority of new patients and also their retention rates. We have identified that some associates have been more successful in retaining new patients and we are now learning from their success and initiating ‘best practice’ across the rest of the business.

The results speak for themselves

Before we introduced MypracticeCloud, the practice’s FTA rate was around 10%. By analysing the reports I was able to identify that some of our associates had higher FTA rates than others. Once I was aware of this fact, I was able to take action in those surgeries and the rate has now reduced to approximately 7.4% across the practice.

The software reports enable me to see trends in terms of patient numbers and treatment delivered. This information has been a vital part of our future planning and on the back of the evidence we have built two further surgeries, both of which are seeing increasing numbers of patients each month. Data that tells me we’re on the right track!

Being able to track progress in this way is invaluable in helping me identify where things are going well and where I need to intervene and make changes quickly to maintain our performance levels.

Now that we can see where we are, we can plan where we’re going!

“MyPractice Cloud brings the business information I need to my fingertips and I can access it all at the click of a button. Now that I can see the detail and drill down into the data, I am able to make informed decisions and take action where it’s needed and draw up realistic plans for the future.”