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Maximise Practice Success with the Oral Health Survey Report

Finding Opportunities Through Patient Concerns 


The Oral Health Survey Report can uncover opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. By harnessing the power of patient feedback, you can gain insights into the specific concerns your patients have about their oral health. These insights are invaluable for improving your services and ensuring patient needs are addressed effectively. 

For instance, if multiple patients express concerns about the same aspect of their dental health – it's a clear case for improvement. Identifying and addressing these concerns can lead to higher patient satisfaction, loyalty, and practice growth. 


Targeting Customers with Specific Concerns via Patient Lists 


The power of the Oral Health Survey Report doesn't stop at finding concerns; it extends to targeting your marketing efforts effectively. With Patient Lists, you can segment your patient database based on specific concerns highlighted in the survey – enabling you to tailor your promotional campaigns and apply them with Campaign Plus.transparent_SOE_HOMEPAGE_PATIENT EXPERIENCE HER TWEAK_540x730 

 For example, if a group of patients expresses interest in cosmetic dentistry services, you can create marketing messages and offers that cater to this audience. This maximises the impact of your marketing efforts while showing that you're actively listening to and addressing patient concerns. 


Tracking Providers' Use of Patient Questions  

Patient-provider relationships are crucial. The Oral Health Survey Report helps you strengthen these relationships by allowing you to check how your providers are addressing patient questions and concerns. You can find areas where providers excel and areas that may require added support or training. 

Additionally, this tracking ensures that every patient query is addressed promptly and comprehensively, contributing to a higher standard of patient care. It also fosters transparency and trust, further solidifying patient loyalty. 


Using the Report for KPI Tracking 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential metrics for practice management. The Oral Health Survey Report provides you with a powerful tool for KPI tracking. You can measure the impact of changes you implement based on the report's insights. For example, if you identify patient concerns related to appointment scheduling, you can track the effect of improvements on metrics like appointment punctuality and patient satisfaction. 

By regularly monitoring KPIs with the data from the report, you can make data-driven decisions, refine your strategies, and continually enhance the patient experience, ultimately driving practice growth. 

By actively leveraging the power of the Oral Health Survey, you can strengthen your practice's connection with patients, improve services, and drive your practice to new heights of success.