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SNOMED Clinical Terminology in EXACT

All NHS practices in England are required to use the SNOMED clinical codes for charting patient treatments from 1st April 2021.

Software of Excellence, has enabled dental practices to record SNOMED clinical terminology in EXACT since March 2020, however it will now be a mandatory requirement for all NHS patient treatments in England.

How does it work?

Once SNOMED has been enabled within EXACT, each dental practice’s lead clinician should ‘map’ EXACT treatment codes to an appropriate SNOMED code once.  From that point on, the EXACT patient management software will automatically record the SNOMED clinical terminology as part of normal charting workflow.

It is important this mapping must be completed by clinicians.

We understand that many dental practices use their own bespoke treatment codes, which will have to be matched by clinicians.  However, to assist in this process we have created SNOMED mappings for the default treatment codes in EXACT.  An example of this is shown below and we have included further examples in our FAQs, which you can find here. 


EXACT code EXACT Description SNOMED CT code SNOMED CT Description
I-IMPP Implant Placement 2069003 Dental subperiosteal implant (procedure)


Learn more

We have produced a webinar, that will provide an overview of the SNOMED clinical observations.  To watch here

For a how to guide, please take a look at our short two minute video that shows EXACT clinicians showing how to complete SNOMED mapping, and the minimal changes in the everyday charting experience.


Next steps

There are four steps that we recommend you now need to undertake to comply with the new regulation.  These are:

  1. Ensure your version of EXACT is newer than April 2020
  2. Watch the above SNOMED training video
  3. Enable SNOMED and map EXACT treatment codes to appropriate SNOMED codes
  4. Start using SNOMED from 1 April 2021

If you have further questions then please do check out our FAQ’s