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New Chat Functionality: In conversation with EXACT Support

Ever wonder how Software of Excellence provides unparalleled support to its software users?

We recently sat down with Daniel Bryan, SOE Support Team Manager to discuss what makes SOE EXACT support an invaluable addition to day-to-day practice management and the addition of in-product Live Chat.


Q. What support is available to EXACT users?
A. We have invested in new software to expand the help and support available to our EXACT users. In 2021 we moved all of our help articles from the outdated knowledgebase to the EXACT help centre, this new platform provides an easy-to-use search function with an easy-to-use user interface.

This new platform provided us with improved integration between our EXACT help articles, our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, our state-of-the-art phone system and Live Chat support which is available within EXACT.

Q. Is your Live Chat support just AI?
A. Not at all! We do provide help article suggestions to answer your questions but we have our EXACT support team on hand to provide support via Live Chat.

Q. How do you manage to provide all of this support?
A. We pride ourselves in providing top-class support to everyone and our results speak for themselves, we invest in our staff and train them to be the best. This shows in our CSAT (customer satisfaction) scores, which we are extremely proud of, our scores are consistently higher than the market average. Our support team is targeted to achieve a wait time of below 90 seconds for both chat and phone, which we're on target to achieve for the year.

Q. How proactive is the support you offer?
A. Inbound support is one part of the support package we offer, with our monthly email series, EXACT explained, we provide educational information, software and innovation updates. The EXACT support team apply the same educational approach to inbound support through chat and phone. We have found that our users' confidence improves through this approach, which leaves them happy using EXACT moving forward.

Q. EXACT has been around for quite some time now, how do you keep up with changing trends and development?
A. Being driven by our desire to provide the best customer support, we are constantly analysing how well EXACT is performing for our users. Along with our customer feedback, we monitor both the software and dental industries closely to ensure EXACT offers a modern and accessible solution to your dental practice management system needs.

Combining all of these elements, allows us to ensure that we can develop and adapt EXACT to provide a user-friendly environment with all the required functionality. This helps us create software that our users can be confident in using while meeting the demands of the dental industry.