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The Power of PX: Have you asked your patients?

It’s a new year. You may be reviewing your performance over the past 12 months and looking to set some targets for those upcoming - but have you stopped to ask your patients what they think? What are their priorities and how can you improve to meet their expectations?

Your patients are at the heart of everything you do and one of the biggest errors in all businesses is to presume what customers want and value. transparent_SOE_PATIENT COMMUNICATIONS_SOE_HOMEPAGE_A MORE EFFICENT PRACTICE_540x730

Conducting patient surveys can be one of the most useful exercises practices can do and the use of practice management software makes the sending and collection of data simple and straightforward. This exercise is useful in a number of ways:

  1. Teambuilding – Your practice team can unite around the production of a survey, giving the team a clear focus and using results and feedback as a vehicle to improve.

  2. Patients matter – People invariably like being asked for their opinions and the very act of asking shows patients that they are valued.

  3. Eye-opening results – Surveys usually provide some nuggets of information, perhaps something you hadn’t considered, which can be a force for change within the practice.

At Software of Excellence, we understand the value of these insights and want to help you not only respond to current demand but to pause, review and listen to the expectations of your patients. 

That’s why for a limited time, our Best Practice Consultants (BPC’s) are now offering a complimentary survey to your patients that will allow you to put your best foot forward going into the new year and:

  • Gather real-time information on the shared preferences amongst your patient base.
  • Identify priorities with the help of our BPC’s to implement strategies that not only retain your most valued patients but attract those in need of your vital services.

Submit your details here and we will be in touch shortly to arrange your very own patient survey and help you make the changes required in order to enhance your patient’s experience and secure a bright future for your practice.