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White Paper: Barriers to Success

The summer of 2022 has seen dental services in the UK come under extreme pressure. Staff shortages, delays on dental contract reform, appointment backlogs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and with a cost-of-living crisis set to worsen this autumn, the profession is in the midst of a perfect storm, which is heaping stress on hard pressed dental teams.  

But is this pressure having a detrimental impact in terms of the smooth running of practices and is it having a negative effect on those working in practices and ultimately on patient care? To find out, Software of Excellence recently conducted a survey to over 200 dental professionals nationwide and the results are in. 

According to the survey, a clear majority (85.1%) of respondents have tried recruiting staff during 2022, with over eight in ten (84.7%) reporting problems in this area. 

The majority (58.1%) felt the cost of living would negatively impact their practice. Many also mentioned the pressure on staff, which, combined with better wages offered elsewhere, might make retention more difficult. 

The most common key performance indicators (KPIs) to be measured, of those who always or sometimes measure, are FTAs and recall success. But some KPIs are much less popular; only a fifth measure referrals and short notice cancellations - despite the value that these measurements can hold when shared with the team and used to drive performance. 

To understand how the current landscape is affecting the delivery of UK dentistry, the challenges being faced, and the perceived impact on business growth and on the personnel involved, download out latest White Paper today: ‘Barriers to Success’ which includes our Best Practice Checklist - and find out how you can face the current challenges and emerge stronger from the process.  

Register your interest to download your copy today and keep your eye out on our blog over the coming months where we will be breaking down our findings even further to create actionable next steps for your practice so you can put your best foot forward going into the new year.