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Clinical Notes 101

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High-quality clinical notes lay the foundations of all great patient care, that’s why at Software of Excellence we want to make patient note completion effortless for you and your team. 

Writing clarity is absolutely crucial in ensuring handovers are accurate and legible - without this, miscommunication can take place and the practitioner or patient could potentially be put at risk. Building a complete and accurate picture of what your patient’s past and present dental health journey looks like through clinical notes should be considered best practice in every team as it can ultimately determine:admin-ajax

  • The ease of handover between different practices/practitioners 
  • The quality of dental health care you provide
  • The patient experience that you deliver

Make it a habit 

With the back to back appointments and busy days that many practitioners have, it can sometimes be hard to complete notes of this level within the window that the patient is in the chair. With EXACT, your team are given the flexibility to thoroughly complete and edit their clinical notes until midnight of the same day - giving your staff the time they need to ensure that all details noted contain up to date, factual and objective information, written in a way that other practitioners can understand. 

Have you checked that your staff are capturing and saving data in this way? Find out how SOE can support you in fulfilling your responsibility of maintaining your patient’s clinical records and ensuring important details are never overlooked by: