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Dentist Portal: “How am I doing?”

What are KPI’s and what do they mean for your practice?

In literal terms, KPI stands for ‘Key Performance Indicators’ - these are measurable outcomes that contribute towards your business’s overall aims and objectives. In Dentistry this can present itself in many forms:

  • Recall effectiveness
  • Diary utilisation
  • UDA targets 

Without establishing and measuring KPI’s for your practice, fundamental opportunities will be missed to implement success strategies and drive team morale. 

61% of practices don’t know where to find the information they need and over 75% of dentists Software of Excellence surveyed either do not measure success or only do so occasionally!

Dentist Portal from Software of Excellence is a way for practice members and associates to track, trace and forecast their individual performance, on the go. Available as an add on to MyPractice Cloud (MPC), both practice and individual data can now be accessible at your fingertips in a convenient web app, enabling your team to benchmark and take ownership over their own success through KPI transparency.

Be proactive

Taking the time to ‘drill down’ on both historic and current metric data is pivotal for growth but can ultimately be time-consuming for your practice team. At SOE we want to make this process as simple as possible, so you can inspire your team to regularly make any changes required to influence performance and hit those all-important growth targets.Dentist Portal View (1)

Dentist Portal intelligently does all of this hard work for you, allowing you and your team to stay on top of your data at a glance via numerous user-friendly dashboards - with the added bonus of viewing individual diaries and forecasting future figures. From measuring unbooked hours and lost revenue to viewing available time and anticipated revenue, equipping your team with this data and the ability to make comparisons against previous weeks/months will allow them to celebrate achievements and take responsibility where needed to carry out any required actions. 

Be successful

At Software of Excellence, we understand the connection between individual performance and the overall success and health of your practice. Empowering staff to drive personal change with Dentist Portal removes the disconnect of how their actions fit into the wider business and can instead boost motivation towards targets. Granting access to business-related insights on every level not only lifts an element of pressure from practice management but can help your clinical team better understand their patient base. 

Get in touch today to find out how Dentist Portal can help your team monitor their own success and trigger tangible, positive actions to stay on track, both now and in the future.