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Education Week: Patient loyalty

To commence our Education Week we are taking a look at ‘Patient Loyalty’ to help you make the most out of your practice. With more and more people having less and less time in their hectic schedules it’s safe to say that developing a loyal patient base as a dental practitioner can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. 

People simply don’t have the time to look into the best practice for them and will more often than not go to the quickest and easiest practice to book that has the best Google reviews. After all, that's easy, accessible and bound to carry a safe experience - at least that's what busy patients will think.  clinipad

Our ‘Patient Loyalty’ webinar aims to help dental practices understand how they can make themselves stand out from the crowd and ensure that signing up, booking appointments and providing a seamless and safe experience is easy with Software of Excellence. Ultimately building your patient base up and maintaining patient loyalty through automated recalls, excellent Google reviews, and online registration. 

At Software of Excellence, we have discovered that many of the practices we work with believe that their patient base is loyal, however, they often fail to recognise that not ALL of their patients are loyal - in fact, only a small percentage in the grand scheme of things regularly and reliably return for necessary oral health care. 

Lady using phone and laptop for appointment bookingDelivering great care is simply not enough to ensure patient loyalty and is instead just a ‘table stake’. Practices must focus on providing an overall seamless patient experience, maintaining and growing a solid database, ensuring their internal teams are happy which in return will result in happy patients, whilst also looking at ways practices can attract new patients - those shopping around for oral health care. 

Be sure to tune into the rest of our webinars as part of our Education week by signing up here. Learn more about how Software of Excellence can help you better your practice. From increasing patient communications, recognising opportunity and improving the patient experience we have a whole load of content lined up that we think will truly help you relaunch your practice post-COVID-19 and fill your diary.