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Education Week: The hidden opportunities in your practice

The final focus of our Webinar series as part of SOE’s Education week is ‘Uncovering Opportunity’. As a dental practice patients mean appointments and appointments mean revenue which ultimately makes your practice a success.
For your practice to be a success you must first recognise where efficiencies and improvements can be made to maximise your practice revenue. This is not about simply focussing on the internal runnings of your practice but instead seeing the bigger picture and discovering what it is you can do that will improve upon your business as a whole perhaps that could be bringing in more patients through communications or increasing patient loyalty with recalls.Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 14.40.58-1
At SOE we often hear customers say things like “But we are already at capacity” or “Our patients  don’t respond to recalls.” But from experience, we know this is not necessarily true. Our aim in the ‘ Recognising Opportunity’ webinar is for you as a practice owner or manager to understand how you can use recalls more effectively and how bringing in more patients will guarantee that your practice is generating the biggest revenue. 
In the Webinar we will be looking at the Eisenhower Matrix Quadrant - this is all about deciphering the urgent, non-urgent, important and unimportant factors within your practice and from there deciding an action plan. It is a mechanism of decision making - and we understand that owning a practice comes with the pressure of a lot of decisions. We aim to help you look at your practice data and use it to identify key areas of focus and remember. Consistency often beats intensity and the Eisenhower Matrix Quadrant can help you adopt this approach and tailor it to your practice. 
See our table below for the Eisenhower Matrix Quadrant

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