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Introducing the Academy of Excellence

Did you know that you can now complete your Software of Excellence training at a time that suits you?

Whether you’re a new or existing SOE customer, with the Academy of Excellence, you and your team can expand your knowledge of all things EXACT in our brand new, easy-to-use interface - accessible from anywhere with just an internet connection. 

3-3Introducing the absolute basics of EXACT functionality and the concept of e-earning to those who have never engaged with it, the Academy of Excellence is a great introduction to all new users of EXACT - particularly those who have not yet received official training over the lockdown period. With the ability to revisit materials at any time, you can equip new starters with a resource that will support them throughout their entire practice journey.

For users who are more experienced with EXACT, the Academy of Excellence also promotes continual professional development through more advanced materials. With modules to help refresh knowledge and develop skills that may have previously been overlooked, you can feel confident that you and your staff will be making the most of your dental software by pinpointing and addressing any knowledge gaps that you may have. 

Our support team at SOE are continually identifying practice needs through conversations with practices and are uploading new modules every week, reflecting the newest version of EXACT,  to support you!

Offering a unique take on traditional training, users are able to independently track progress in their very own e-learning dashboard - with certificates of achievement for each module. As practice management, you also have the ability to keep an eye on staff progress, whilst being able to assign specific modules that may be particularly relevant to your practice/staff’s role - from Irish practice and NHS specific content to clinical and reception modules, there’s something for everyone!

Your learning, your way

At Software of Excellence, we know that not everyone shares the same learning style, that’s why we’ve created a learning platform completely free of charge that incorporates auditory, visual and kinaesthetic techniques. So whether your preference is:4-2

  • Reading and listening to learning materials
  • Watching short-form practical examples and seeing the product in action
  • Reviewing knowledge through task completion and recall exercises 

...our interactive platform will allow you to gain a practical, well-rounded understanding of EXACT that will help you streamline your everyday tasks, allowing you to focus on what’s important - patient care.

Looking to get started? Simply self-register here and get instant and repeated access to our extensive list of learning modules today!