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Dojo by Paymentsense: Make payments effortless

As a dental practice owner, you will undoubtedly understand that running a practice comes with many responsibilities from keeping your team and patients safe to having effective communications in place. At Software of Excellence, we want to ensure that the day to day running of your practice is simplified wherever possible. We’ve teamed up with PaymentSense who has just introduced a new and improved service - Dojo which aims to ensure that they are providing ‘effortless payments for hardworking businesses’ just like yours. 


Make payments effortless  

At Software of Excellence, we understand that owning a dental practice leaves very few minutes spare a day and that processes and day to day admin tasks ideally need to be as fast and effective as possible to ensure time for patient care is maximised. Dojo’s array of intuitive tools aid in the running of your practice whilst simplifying everyday processes - taking the hassle out of running your practice. 

Dojo, just like Software of Excellence, aims to empower your practice to focus on the things that matter like providing the best oral health care by taking care of things that don’t matter so much - like effortless payments.

Dojo offers a brand new card machine and streamlined service taking your practice payments to the next level. With customer demands for efficiency constantly increasing you’ll be relieved to know that Paymentsense will take care of all of the banking which makes the application process faster and easier for you as a busy practice owner. Not only this but with this efficient application process in place same-day turnarounds are now possible - so you could start improving your patient’s payment experience today with Dojo. dojo

All of Dojo’s card machines offer contactless payments and can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and all cards on Discover® Global Network - so you never have to worry about not being able to take payments from certain cards etc. 

Stay in control

Understandably as a practice owner, the need to maintain control over the ongoings within your practice is important - that’s why Dojo helps you to accept payments, trade securely and get paid fast and with tools like their Dojo app, you can even measure and manage all of your payments from the palm of your hand at any time and anywhere. 

Whether you trade in person, through a website, or over the phone, Dojo aims to make your everyday practice running easier – so you can spend more time doing what you love and providing that all-important patient care. 

Security is something that Software of Excellence knows is of utmost importance to our customers and with Dojo’s card machines your payments will be safe and secure as all Dojo card machines are PCI compliant thanks to Point-to-Point Encryption.

Support when you need it

A troubling point for many practices and something that often makes practice owners reluctant to change things within the practice is the worry of if something goes wrong and they are left with no methods of taking those all-important payments. But with Dojo, you can rest assured knowing that their ethos is people empowerment. They may be a tech company but they aim to ensure that their customers are looked after. Whether you need a hand getting started, or just have a query about your account Dojo’s UK based support team are on hand to aid you in your queries and they can even log into your device remotely to help out when you need a hand 7 days a week from 8 am to 11 pm. 

The best part is Dojo will even cover cancellation fees. If you choose to switch to Dojo, they'll pay up to £3,000 towards your cancellation fees or they will look to beat or match your current rates - so you don't have to miss out on making your payments simpler and easier. 

To ensure that your practice is running as efficiently as possible even when taking payments and to find out how to start implementing Dojo into your business - speak to an SOE Consultant today via 01634 925681.