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Online Reputation Manager: Take control of your online presence

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When looking for somewhere new to get a bite to eat, to stay or to visit for your next dental checkup…where do you look? 

Google search drives 9 x more traffic than websites themselves, meaning Google is now at the heart of every patient’s contactless journey. Patient’s are actively searching for dental practices that provide your services so understanding how to increase visibility is the key to winning them from the first instance. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this does mean that attracting new patients doesn’t just come down to the quality of oral care you deliver. Keeping your online reputation well managed will not only increase new patient acquisition but will position you ahead of your competitors - both online and in practice.

Google trends graph showing increase in searches

With the backlog of treatment plans and the introduction of new COVID-19 procedures throughout practices, it can be easy to neglect this first, crucial, stage of the patient’s journey. At SOE, we’re here to help you navigate the search engine algorithm and maintain the momentum that will ultimately keep your appointment book full and secure the loyal patient base that your practice deserves - all with minimum effort from your admin team.

Show them you care

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more patients are turning to online reviews as a way to restore confidence and know what to expect when stepping foot back into their local practices. Make it as easy as possible for new and current patients to keep choosing your practice by assuring them they’re making the right choice with testimonials from your most valued customers. 

Online Reputation Manager from SOE allows you to take control of your online brand image and project your essential services even further by converting basic feedback into powerful Google and Facebook endorsements. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upon your patient’s departure, advise them to expect an email later on that day asking if they would be happy to leave a review of their experience whilst in practice and express your appreciation for them doing so. Capturing feedback is time-critical, so automating this process will ensure you’re optimising review quality and volumes.
  2. Integrating effortlessly with EXACT, Online Reputation Manager will then generate an email to your patient, in the format of your chosen template, prompting them to fill in a survey of their recent appointment/ treatment plan - Each email contains easy-to-use customisable widgets that give the patient the option to automatically replicate their review on Google or Facebook, removing the frustration of duplicating the review manually.Thumbs Up Computer Graphic
  3. Easily track and respond to your reviews through the user-friendly dashboard - Actively engaging with your patients online will increase customer-centricity and reinforce the importance of their feedback to you as a practice.
  4. The combination of support available through your reputation consultant and online dashboard will allow you to benchmark your performance across each of your sites and receive feedback that will inform fundamental improvements to internal processes - allowing you to make the changes needed to reach your practice goals.

With no requirement for manual input from your staff, you can be sure that your online reputation is being both consistently and closely managed whilst your team can continue to focus on delivering excellent patient care.

SOE customers who adopted best-practice methods with a combination of Online Booking and Online Reputation Manager saw a 124% increase in patient numbers within a year. 

Talk to a member of our team today to find out how Online Reputation Manager can help you build an online presence that’ll allow you to expand your patient base and keep up with your practice counterparts both now and in the future.