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Making the most of EXACT in 2018

Automate to accumulate?

The insights that EXACT provides put a new spin on the old adage “You’ve got to speculate to accumulate”. Happily, however, speculation doesn’t need to play a part when you have all the facts and figures at your fingertips. Add to this, the time-saving opportunities that result from automating all those manual jobs which tie up the front desk team, and you’ll soon discover that automation is the key to introducing efficiencies and processes that will allow you to fill your appointment book and manage recalls and short notice lists with minimum effort.

You can free up even more of your reception team’s time by introducing Clinipad – a tablet device that holds electronic forms on which patients can update their details as they wait in reception. These details are then automatically uploaded into the software system, eliminating paper forms and reducing duplication of effort. With GDPR fast-approaching, you can also use Clinipad to update patients’ marketing consent preferences. A new form within Clinipad makes it easy to keep consents up-to-date and record them in order to be able to provide evidence of compliance with new GDPR regulations.

Take control of patient communication

Powerful tools such as Marketing Manager and Campaign+ enable practices to automate a range of marketing and communication functions, allowing you to send patients treatment information in which they might be interested. The system enables you to schedule and automatically send communications as well as track results, including the number of phone enquiries, appointments and treatment that was booked as a result of the campaign. This co-ordinated strategy helps practices track which marketing activity is most successful, resulting in increased revenues and improved patient awareness on a whole range of treatments and services.

Putting the patient at the heart of your practice

EXACT V12 is also crucial to putting the patient at centre of your practice, by helping you ensure they have a smooth and pleasant patient journey, from their first contact with the practice right through to after-treatment care. Targeted and well-timed communication including recalls, a welcoming staff team, a seamless treatment process, the opportunity to provide feedback, and attentive post-treatment care will all help to improve their experience and encourage them to return, thus keeping your appointment book busy and boosting practice revenue.