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The BDIA Dental Showcase Survival Guide

If you are just as excited as we are, you will know the show comes and goes in a flash, and with so much to see and do, you might not get the chance to see everything. This is why we have put together our survival guide to getting the most out of the BDIA Dental Showcase.

Congratulations! You have managed to convince the boss or the rest of the team that you need to attend this year’s BDIA Showcase, but you now need to make it worth your while and not come back empty-handed, or empty minded!

Why Are You Attending the BDIA?

Think about the main reason why you’re attending the BDIA. Are you keen to find out the latest innovations in dental? Perhaps you are looking to do a little networking, or is it that you are just having a well-deserved break from the office? Whatever it maybe it’s always a good idea to have a plan in mind for who you would like to speak to at the show, and where you want to spend your time. If you don’t know who is exhibiting, here is a link to the full list.

Plan your Journey

Now, this is a 3-day event and if you intend to do all 3 days and aren’t local you will need to find somewhere to stay. This year BDIA will be held at the NEC in Birmingham, which has plenty of places to stay nearby. If you are only thinking of attending one day, you may choose to park at the location, or you can use public transport. Whatever you decide to do book, plan and head off early to make sure you fit all your plans in for the day.

On this subject, you might want to look at the shows layout before you attend, to give you a good idea of where things are. It’s worth keeping an eye on the BDIA’s Twitter as they will share this information there first.

Who Are You Going to Talk to?

With over 300 different brands and suppliers at this year’s show it can be difficult to see it Pick 10-15 different stands each day you wish to visit; see what they have to offer as a lot of brands release new and exclusive products at these shows.

Chat and Move

As we have said before there is so much see and do; and one of the worst things you can do is to get stuck talking to someone for hours unplanned and not get the chance to get around to the other stands. Chat and move, not chat and stop. Give yourself a time limit for each stand so you get the chance to make it around the show. Having said that; sometimes it’s worth spending extra time with certain stands, if it’s going to benefit you and your practice so just have a plan for this by thinking about what you want to achieve from each stand.

Dress for the Occasion

We are fully aware this is not a fashion show, but you need to remember you will be on your feet all day, so wear something comfortable, these shows tend to heat up so remember to keep cool. We are not saying trainers and tracksuit trousers because you still want to make an impression, but something comfortable and presentable.

Get Your Name Out There

Everyone will be wearing lanyards or name tags, it’s easier to make an instant connection with someone when you are using their name. If you are speaking to someone at a stand and they have mentioned an offer or potential deal then grab their name, it also makes it easier to follow up with them after the show. Just make sure people can see and read your name, don’t keep it covered.

Attend the Talks

Another great thing about the BDIA is the amount of talks and workshops that take place throughout the entire show. It’s worth checking the BDIA website to see the extensive list of industry experts who are going to be sharing their wealth of knowledge. We will be having our own talk, Guy Meyers will be talking you through the patient journey, the different touch points they go through and how this can be a simpler, streamline process.

Remember to get their early enough to grab a seat otherwise it’s a case of standing at the back.

Be Social

Yes, it’s important to speak to people at these shows but don’t neglect social media, especially Twitter. If you speak to someone or visit a stand get their twitter handle, take pictures and post them. Find out and use the show’s hashtag; it’s a great way to grow your social account and gain more publicity by “being social”.

Business Cards at the Ready

The show is also about networking, meeting up with peers, colleagues and new people. Think about building relationships; how can you help someone or how can they help you. Just remember to have your business card ready. A good tip for when you collect some else’s card is to put a little note on it, so, you know what you were talking about when you get back into the practice.

Everyone Loves a Freebie

There is always tons of free stuff at the BDIA; like stress balls, flyers, toothbrushes, you name it. Make sure you have a strong sturdy bag to carry everything in, everything is up for grabs. But let’s be honest it all seems to get left behind in the cubicles (you know what we are talking about!)

Make Sure You Say “Hi”

Yes! SOE will be at this year’s BDIA Dental Showcase, when are we not? But don’t just walk on by stand J90, in fact let us walk you around it. This year we you will have the opportunity to take a walk in your patients’ shoes, you can examine what it is like to be a patient and the varies touch points they must go through during the oral health journey. We show you how much easier it can be for them with our Patient Portal.

This year we have our virtual Patient Experience journey even more immersive. After walking in your patients’ shoes, it will be time to rest in our exclusive VIP lounge complete with a bar which will be serving coffee for you early morning starters or something a little stronger to help you unwind towards the end of the day.

Book your place with us, so we can personalise your experience, create tailored advice and valuable guidance from our in-house experts to help you grow your practice.

Also, when you take our virtual patient experience tour, you will be automatically enrolled into a free prize drawn to win an ipad for your practice.

Let us know your favorite tipple and we will get it, shaken, stirred, chilled and fresh poured for you.

Book your VIP Tour at a time that is convenient for you.