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Award Winning Automated Patient Feedback System

As dental practices continue to navigate the digital era, online reviews have never been so important when attracting new patients and building the best reputations. Positive reviews from satisfied patients help attract new business while boosting credibility which is why dental professionals are turning to innovative solutions from Software Of Excellence.  

Working Feedback

Software Of Excellence's new integration with Working Feedback helps dental practices automate the collection of online patient reviews; 


  • Streamlining Feedback Collection: Working Feedback supplies a simple platform to collect and manage patient feedback – through automated collection, publishing, and reporting, practices can quickly gather patient reviews after their appointments. The system captures insights in a user-friendly way, making it convenient for patients to provide reviews promptly.
  • Encouraging Patient Participation : A key aspect of Working Feedback is its ability to encourage patient participation. The platform utilises various channels, including email and SMS, to reach out to patients and request their feedback on their preferred device. By simplifying the process and making it accessible, Working Feedback boosts patient engagement, resulting in a higher response rate. 

  • Real-Time Feedback Analysis Split by Clinician: Working Feedback goes beyond merely collecting reviews; it also provides dental practices with real-time bespoke analysis and reporting. The system collates and analyses the data, presenting practices with actionable insights into patient experiences. This immediate feedback loop allows dental professionals to address any concerns promptly and make the necessary improvements to enhance patient satisfaction. 

  • Generating Demand: Online reviews significantly affect a dental practice's reputation and can also generate leads for other treatments and referrals. The survey questions are customisable so you can tailor them to gather specific information and focus on areas perhaps you want to improve, or you want to generate demand for, and even invite referrals. 

  • Finding Areas for Improvement: Constructive criticism is crucial for growth and improvement. Working Feedback helps dental practices identify areas within their services and patient experience in need of improvement. By analysing patient feedback, practices can pinpoint issues, address them efficiently, and strive for excellence. By committing to improvement, practices prove their dedication to delivering exceptional patient care. 

  • Patient-Centric Approach: Working Feedback facilitates a patient-centric approach, allowing dental practices a better understanding of patient needs and preferences. By actively seeking patient reviews, practices can tailor their services to meet patient expectations improving satisfaction and loyalty. 


Paired with some of Software of Excellences tools like Online Booking, Working Feedback can help dental practices grow their online presence by an impressive amount. Watch below and discover how Hopkinson Dental continues to benefit from the combined tools of Online Booking and Working Feedback, and the impact they’ve had on  business success.  




At Software of Excellence, we are here to help support you – to learn more about Working Feedback or any of our tools contact us today!