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Durable Growth In Practice - SOE podcast

‘Durable Growth In Practice’ A Software Of Excellence podcast is now available to stream and listen to at your convenience!


Thank you to our podcast guests Felicity Bender, Clinical Director of Archway Dental, and Kunnal Thakker, CEO of Tooth Club for sharing their insights into how they are overcoming the challenges currently faced by practice owners, including;

  • Modern patient expectations
  • In-practice experience and patient journey 
  • Operational control and the power of delegation 
  • Team empowerment and motivation 
  • Staff recruitment and retention

Watch this 2-minute podcast clip with Felicity and Kunnal discussing the positive outcomes of Team Empowerment and delegating operation control...


The podcast highlights the importance of providing patients with an excellent experience  and offers examples and advice on how teams that work together can ensure the patients’ journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Listen today!

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